Streets of Myth

A live action web-series set in an alternate-universe, contemporary England where every neighbourhood is a fiefdom and every wrong look can end in blood.


At first glance, the Birmingham in Streets of Myth looks a lot like ours. The buildings look about right. The clothes are the same. The kids listen to hip-hop and hard rock. Birmingham's neighbourhoods are roughly the same too: Aston, Digbeth, Nechells, The Jewellery Quarter & more.

But instead of a city, they are a loose collection of gangs and petty rivalries, tied together and policed by the weakened and corrupt forces of The Crown. These gangs aren't quite like our gangs though. They don't have guns.

They have swords, spears and the ancient martial traditions of the Far East. Each neighbourhood has their own power structure, their own laws and their own fighting style.

The Streets of Myth are a place that lies at the intersection of DJ's and dim-maks, kings and graffiti, B-boys and bloodied swords.


On having a good storyboard artist

Do you want to shoot a whole load of fairly complicated stuff in a short period of time?

Make your life easier and find someone who can draw. Cause then, instead of huddling with your camera team and saying, "yeah I want the character over here and this stuff over there and the camera should be about so high and blah blah blah", you can say "hey, check out this storyboard where I already had a long conversation on some other magical day when I had a second to breathe."

To whit: 

Mad propers go out to Ollie Jones (@Ollie_jones / for the impossibly useful drawings!